Mercurius is a simple, transparent and open Analytics mod for Minecraft to allow the community to openly gain insight into the versions of Minecraft out there. It also serves as a tool for mod and modpack developers.

By default the mod collects the following data. You can opt out of each individual data point ingame by going to Mods -> Forge Analytics -> Config or you can disable all data collection by turning off the Minecraft snooper setting.

  • Session ID - Random identifier created with SecureRandom and SHA256 iterated 5 times. Value is reset every time the game restarts.
  • Instance ID - Random identifier created the same as Session ID. Value is constant for each Minecraft instance. The value is computed on first run of Minecraft with the mod installed.
  • World Session ID - Random identifier created the same as Session ID. The value is computed each time you enter a world.
  • JavaVersion
  • Allocated Memory and Max memory
  • Minecraft Version
  • Forge Version
  • List of all mods and versions
  • Environment - Whether the running minecraft instance is a client, local server or dedicated server.
  • Modpack name - Modpack authors can define a custom modpack name in the forgeanalytics.cfg
  • Modpack version - Modpack authors can also define the current modpack version.
  • Mod authors can use the Mercurius API to send additional info.

The source code of the mod is available here.